Preparing Customer Proposal Documents

During the first step (the assessment) your licensed insolvency trustee was given a list of your budget, liabilities, and assets. This information is used to create the paperwork needed to file a consumer proposal. The most important of these documents are:

  • The Consumer Proposal
  • The Statement of Income and Expenses
  • The Statement of Affairs
  • The Assessment Certificate
  • The Terms of Payment and Conditions

You will be required to sign these forms before the consumer proposal can be filed. Your licensed insolvency trustee will also ask you sign forms that indicate that the process has been properly explained and that you understand the legal commitment that you are making. At this point, if you find some of the language unclear, or are uncertain as to why you have to provide certain information, or what your duties and responsibilities will be, it is very important to ask your licensed insolvency trustee to go over the forms and explain them until you are clear on your commitments.